Many Quirky Places

Our New M@P!

M@P is a novel list that will hopefully bring some new interest in the travel community and encourage travellers to go further – when this becomes possible again. The idea is that while our NomadMania 1301 Masterlist provides a solid division of the world’s countries, M@P serves as a much more fluid list with all sorts of significant oddities and out-of-the-way places that a travel could be striving for, including islands, exclaves, geographical anomalies and some major micronations too.

How is M@P conceptualised? We start with the esteemed MTP list, which for years has served as a basis for many in the travel community. We take away all regions that link directly to NomadMania regions and then look at those ‘additional’ regions – mainly obscure islands - that have become the talk of the travel community for years. Our reasoning is simple – if Salas y Gomez or Trinidade and Martim Vaz are worthy of a visit, then why not Miangas island? Never heard of Miangas? Now, with M@P, you have!

The list launches with 246 places, of which 123 are MTP places and the other 123 are our new contributions. For all regions where there are MTP places, we have duplicated that number with the same number of ‘new’ places; except for Polynesia and Antarctica, where the number of MTP places is already 18 and 17 places respectively. Conversely, there are 5 megaregions where there are no MTP places, and in these we launch with 7 places for each megaregion.

For those of you who have filled in your MTP regions with NomadMania correctly, your starting number of visited places in M@P will be those regions.